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Chromite Ore flow chart

Chromite Ore Flow Chart

Zenith R&D dept has long-term cooperation with famous Chinese research institution. To help the end user find the best solution with good recovery, Zenith sincerely suggest your esteemed company do the lab test on both of ?Chromite Ore Phase Analysis & Processing design. Normally, we need 100 kg of typical raw material for testing purpose.

A. Chromite Ore Phase Analysis

This part can help us to know the parameters and technical indicator and provide a scientific basis for investment on and designing the ore dressing plant.
Following items will be tested
1. The crude chromite ore elements analysis
2. The crude chromite ore content phase analysis.
3. The determination of chromite ore density
4. Grinding size calibration
5. The recovery rate

We also find that, there is some FeO in the stones. After testing, then we can know the possibility of recycling the FeO.

B. Chromite Ore Ore Dressing Test

Compared with part-A, the part-B is the crucial point which can help us to know how to do the concentrating job and engineer work. ( Testing cost: 40,000 USD for part-B)

Zenith is supported strongly by research institution, so we can offer our clients a very cheap and reasonable price. As far as we know, normally, the official charge by government institution can be 10% of total investment.

Following Items Will be tested and provided

1. Low intensity magnetic separation technology experimental studies for FeO
Metallic element in the ore with the recovery value is mainly the Cr and some of Fe.

2. Milling fineness test
- Min Grinding Time
- Yield Rate
- Milling Fineness
- Recovery Rate

3. Jigging process test research
The feeding size will influence the gravity grade. Mostly, we separate the ore into smaller sizes and feed them into jigger. Following specifications will be tested.
- Jig Frequency
- Jig Stroke
- Water Supplying

4. Concentrating process test research by different conditions
- Feeding Capacity
- Feeding Concentration
- Feeding proportion
- Feeding Size
- Feeding Thickness

Chromite Ore Spiral Chute

Chromite Ore Spiral Chute

5. Spiral chute process test research
- Practical Capacity
- Output Grade
- Concentrated elements analysis
- Concentrated content phase analysis

6. Test comprehensive index
7. Ore dressing and conditions
8. Engineer designing doc
- These three items are the improving processes but necessary.? It will show us the general view and data. Here is the process draft.

Only for Reference Purpose

We need to know every technical data by each steps.
To be frank, after knowing the testing report provided from research institution.You can turn to other suppliers for equipments quotation, since the project process and equipments selection is obvious.

You also can try to find some research institution in Pakistan who can do the testing part-A. And then provide us the technical data to finish the complete beneficiation proposal. We will be glad to provide you the machinery and installation service.

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