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How to extract gold from  gold ore

Single flotation to handle the rough, medium-grained natural gold iron ore. Crushed The ore into the mill, ground was slurry into the flotation. Flotation in carbon Sodium adjusted agent, gold floating. Butyl xanthate and amine black drug supplement income Agent, gold powder and slag separation, the output of gold concentrate powder,How to extract gold from  gold ore .

Amalgamation Flotation for dealing with natural gold disseminated coarse grain size, stored in the pyrite And other sulfide minerals. Single flotation, grinding and mercury board Gold recovery, the recovery rate of 30-45%. Slurry after the amalgamation, through the grading machine Flotation overflow conduct. Generated mercury to make gold, grinding, add a certain concentration Of sodium carbonate, caustic soda, allows mercury in gold recovery mentioned by 70%,How to extract gold from  gold ore .

Gravity separation system using gold and other minerals than the differences have floating Election. The greater the proportion of differences, the easier separation. Containing gold sand placed in cylindrical screen, By high-pressure water flow ore, gravel sand is greater than the sieve through slip bad, the conveyor belt into the Tailings; less than the sieve sands input through public orchestration 1-3 paragraph circle jig Since the inflow through the three segments of jig concentrate shaker for coarse, fine, sweeping election, to produce Fine sand mine. This method is used in the quicksand of mine, crushing the ore is also applicable.

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